Nurtury is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential by investing in school readiness, promoting healthy development, and strengthening families. Nurtury opened a nursery for working mothers in 1878, becoming New England’s first early education/care agency. At the heart of Nurtury’s mission is ensuring that all children enrolled in our programs start school with the tools they need for kindergarten success.

We are so grateful to Hestia for their generous grant award that will support our Family Childcare Program. The grant will allow us to address the region’s growing childcare crisis by expanding the number of family childcare educators (FCC) available to working families, create more stable environments for children, and build stronger relationships with families in the community.

This is Hestia's third year funding Nurtury. The grant of $35,000 will help fund the expansion of the family-based home daycare program.