Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

The City of Boston is filled with smart buildings; however there aren’t enough technicians trained to ensure that the buildings are maintained and operating properly. The Roxbury Massachusetts Advanced Post-secondary Program (RoxMAPP) Early College and DualvEnrollment Program at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School (MPTVHS) is partnering with Roxbury Community College to form the “Smart Building Technology Program”.

Madison Park TVHS is Boston Public School’s only public vocational high school. Madison Park’s mission has been to extend students the opportunity to develop a trade since 1975. A cohort of 20 MPTVHS Juniors participate in targeted vocations such as: Electrical, Plumbing, Building and Property Maintenance, Computer Programming & Web Design (CPWD) and Information Support Service & Networking (ISSN) will be the focus of this program. The Smart Building Technology Program offers students the opportunity to explore careers, learn essential workforce skills and earn certifications that are necessary to occupy jobs as skilled, technology-savvy facilities managers and technicians who are trained on digital  automated maintenance systems.

This is the fist year Hestia is funding Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. The grant of $40,000 will support the RoxMapp Early College Smart Building Program.