LEAH Project

The Leaders through Education, Action, and Hope (LEAH) Project is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), college access and career readiness program for Boston area high school students who are typically underrepresented in STEM fields. The LEAH Project aims to diversify the STEM workforce providing high school students with paid STEM internships as well as college and career readiness programming, empowering them to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM fields.

The LEAH Project provides paid internships in two areas, STEM teaching and biomedical research. Youth in the STEM teaching track are placed in after school and summer camp settings (i.e., Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCAs) where they serve as role models, provide homework support, and teach hands-on science and technology lessons elementary school-aged children. Youth in the LEAH Knox Scholars Biomedical Research track spend the summer at MIT learning basic lab skills and are placed in independent lab internships the following summer. LEAH’s paid internships hone participants’ job readiness skills, enhance their employability, develop their interest in STEM careers, and build their confidence that such career options are available to them.

The LEAH Project is excited to partner with the Hestia Fund to support the LEAH Project’s college access and career readiness programming, specifically to develop and implement grade-specific college and career readiness curricula for all LEAH participants.

This is the first year of Hestia funding for the LEAH Project. The grant of $25,000 will support college access and career readiness programming.