East Boston Social Centers

A group of parents and children stand behind a table with Brazilian flags and items

The Every Child Shines’ (ECS) Resilient Families program is a collaborative approach to strengthen and preserve families in East Boston.  ECS Resilient Families program, managed out of East Boston Social Centers, is an integrated multi-sector program formed to create a more cohesive preventative continuum of support before families get to the point of crisis. Resilient Families strives to improve family’s social determinants of health and increase community resiliency and protective factors through a multi-level strategy. On the direct service level, Parent Partners offer coaching and referrals to families while on a systems level, the Every Child Shines team facilitates enhanced collaboration across sectors in East Boston.  

The direct service component of ECS Resilient Families will utilize EMPath Mobility Mentoring connecting Parent Partners with families so parents “may acquire the resources, skills, and sustained behavior changes necessary to attain and preserve their economic independence” (Mobility Mentoring 2021 Impact Report).  As an additional program to Welcome Baby visits, families can enroll in EMPath Mobility Mentoring to advance their economic and personal well-being. By providing coaching to parents who have smaller networks of support, the East Boston Social Centers is building out our portfolio of resources to help families reach their financial goals. EMPath Mobility Mentoring is a targeted investment toward disrupting poverty and addressing economic disparities in our neighborhood.  Mobility Mentoring has four essential elements: Coaching for Economic Mobility, The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency, Goal Setting, and Recognition. The process is based on how poverty-induced stress impacts our brain’s ability to problem-solve and set and achieve goals. The participant-directed, one-on-one partnership allows parents to build their decision-making skills and resilience and realize goals.

Founded in 1918 to welcome and support immigrant families, East Boston Social Centers continues to proudly embrace welcome in all we do. Our core services range across educational, social, and recreational programs to support the diverse community of East Boston. By providing services and programming for children, families, and individuals of all ages, we bring our neighbors together to create a stronger, more connected, joyful community. For generations, individuals and families in East Boston have come to the Social Centers to strengthen our community, celebrate diversity, and share pride in our hometown. Today, those deep roots and lasting bonds provide a strong foundation as we welcome future generations to East Boston.

East Boston Social Centers is a multi-service agency and community center whose core services range across educational, social, and recreational programs to support the diverse community of East Boston and our neighbors of all ages. Each year, we provide direct programming for 3,000+ children, teens, and adults.

This is Hestia's first year funding East Boston Social Centers. The grant of $50,000 will help fund the EMPath Mobility Mentoring component of the Every Child Shines program.