Chelsea Public Schools

a group of children in front of xylophones raise their arms triumphantly

Chelsea Public Schools (CPS), in partnership with Boston Children’s Chorus (BCC) will implement a rigorous and culturally responsive music education program. This culturally responsive music education program will increase the access to enriching arts engagement through in-school and after-school choral music programs. The Choral Collaboration will use asset-based languages and practices that focus on the strength and potential of the students, positioning them to think critically, work to dismantle injustice, celebrate diverse cultural traditions, build community, and embody empathy through music.

The Chelsea Public Schools is a gateway school system that welcomes and educates all students and families. We believe that students learn best when they are culturally responsive learning environments that fosters and promotes high expectations and risk taking. We are a district of multilingual students where languages are an asset to student development and growth. 

Boston Children’s Chorus was founded on the belief that choral singing could be a powerful source for social inclusion and community building. BCC strives to address existing inequities and to correct cultural stereotypes, proactively building positive narratives around the lived experience, history, and culture of people of color in the Boston area. BCC’s choral training is designed to provide youth with the skills and knowledge to empower their future efforts as leaders, advocates, and activists. 

This is Hestia's first year funding Chelsea Public Schools. The grant of $35,000 will fund a collaboration between CPS and Boston Children's Chorus to form a new music education program.