Boston Public Schools Region 1

Region 1 of the Boston Public Schools is working with EveryDay Labs to improve attendance and thus, educational outcomes, for the students whom we serve. This partnership provides personalized and data-informed outreach to our families in their native languages. These efforts will proactively improve attendance and reduce chronic absenteeism across our network of schools.

We recognize that the work we do as a school to provide exceptional instruction for our students can only be accomplished if students are present in our schools each day. Attendance is intrinsically linked to achievement. With the support of The Hestia Fund, this partnership allows our educators to focus on planning excellent instruction and leave the work of continuously monitoring and sending out reminders and letters to improve attendance to EveryDay Labs.

Thanks to Hestia, this evidence-based approach to improve access to learning across our schools will have a transformative impact on student achievement across our region and can impact the way Boston supports this critical work in the future. 

This is Hestia's first year funding BPS Region 1. The two-year grant will provide $30,000 per year to support the innovative partnership with EveryDay Labs to improve school attendance.