Boston Debate League (BDL)

The Boston Debate League’s mission is to integrate argumentation and competitive debate into public schools to develop critical thinkers ready for college, career, and participation with the world around them. Since its inception in 2005, BDL has become an education leader in Boston and an innovator in debate and argumentation programming across the country. BDL offers debate and argumentation programs where student leadership, collaboration, and critical discourse are the foundations of learning both inside and outside of classrooms. They tailor programs to address educational inequities and strive to create inclusive learning communities where all participants are welcome and supported in achieving the transformative, lifelong benefits of debate. BDL’s programming upholds high expectations of rigor and engagement, helps teachers center the classroom on students, and offers young people a platform where their voices are heard and valued.

This is the Hestia’s 8th year funding the Boston Debate League. Hestia’s $25,000 grant will support the After-School Debate League and the Evidence-Based Argumentation program.